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"Jeremy Bowers is basically a genius. His understanding of the Real Estate world is unmatched"

- Nancy Haas

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"There is nothing more motivating than listening to Jeremy at any office meeting or event"

- Sara Olender

5 star rating

"He has to make sure his agents and his colleagues are in the best position to be successful."

- Jim Roche

5 star rating

"I recognize pretty quickly that he is the type of person that I want to spend my time around."

- Jim Onesti

4 High-Income Work Life Balance Tips

  • 4 High-Income Work Life Balance Tips

    I run 4 businesses while earning a high income and want to share the top ways I maintain a healthy work life balance so you can do the same. We all get burnt out too fast in this business, so here’s what I do to make sure I don’t go out of bound. You’re welcome to use my tips.

The 33-Touch Marketing Approach for Real Estate Agents

  • The 33-Touch Marketing Approach for Real Estate Agents

    Here is a video about the 33-touch marketing system for lead generation that real estate agents must utilize. Make sure to clean your lists (email, phone number and mailing address), send bi monthly educational content, and have meaningful conversations.

Top 3 Mindset Strategies You MUST Have in Today’s Real Estate Market

  • Top 3 Mindset Strategies You MUST Have in Today’s Real Estate Market

    Is it easy right now in today's real estate market having a strong mindset? No, the answer's no. Many agents are getting burnt out and it’s affecting their business and personal life. In this video, I am going to share with you 3 key strategies on how to face this and how to overcome the situation.

Do Door Hangers Work? The Answer is... YES!

  • Do Door Hangers Work? The Answer is... YES!

    By using door hangers to target specific areas and provide valuable information, you can build trust with potential clients, stand out from your competition, and ultimately win more business. In this video I share with you some strategies and what my results look like.

The Easy Way to List More Homes

Make more money with less risk at Keller Williams Realty

Are you looking to make a great living selling real estate? You’re invited to apply now to join Keller Williams

You’re a 1099 independent contractor as a real estate agent. This means you can earn unlimited commission income. The downside is, without the right support, 87% of real estate agents leave the business within the first three years.

The #1 reason agents leave the business is that it’s hard without the right support to sell a consistent 4-5 homes a month to earn $250,000+ a year working a regular 30–40-hour week.

We’ve set up our entire Market Center for your success to achieve this vision.

  1. Make a better living selling real estate and wealth owning real estate.
  2. Marketing support to your contacts to generate buyers and sellers.
  3. Regular training so you know how to get listings and buyers.
  4. Admin and transaction support so you can work less hours.
  5. 70/80/85/90/100% splits with a $25,000 cap so you earn 100% commission faster.
  6. A free industry-leading CRM to track your business (KW Command).
  7. Mentor with (7) $100 million dollar producers in our offices. Mike McCann is one of our owners and business partners. We have KW Ignite to get you up to speed quickly in your first few weeks here as a new real estate agent. We also pay for the entire cost of a real estate license, too.

Not ready to join KW yet? You’re invited to request a free one-on-one business planning call to put together a plan to make $250,000+ a year, or subscribe to our agent training newsletter to get our best business tips, insights, and Q&A to further your real estate career.

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What KW Agents Are Saying...

“Keller Williams culture is pretty much the entire reason I’m here there’s a culture of collaboration and the idea of coming from a place of contribution, place of value and I don’t think I would have done as well have I started a different brokerage.”

- Alison Simon

“What I love about the Keller Williams culture is it’s geared around collaboration. This office was designed with that model about collaboration.”

- Noah Ostroff

“I love KW for so many reasons but I’ve always known that it’s the right decision for me because of the education that KW offers in addition to its aggressive commission structure.”

- Ben Hooson-Jones