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By Jeremy Bowers

Jeremy Bowers is one of the nation’s leading experts on agent training and production and is the Team Leader for Keller Williams Main Line.

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In today’s marketplace, we went from 6 million to 5 million to probably 4 million sales a year in real estate. Our income’s probably dropped anywhere between 30, 50 and 70%. 40% of our national debt over the last three years was created from spending.

So how does one face these times? We have two options. We can avoid it and make up things that are not going to lead to income. Or two, we can face it. Below are some key strategies that I would recommend and if you want to hear more, then we can set up a meeting. 

Tip #1 Realize that lead generation is gonna get you out of this. 

Tip #2 Understand what to say and what objections to handle.

Tip #3 Surround yourself with the right culture.

If you used to lead generate one hour a day, now you’re going to lead gen for two. If you used to prospect zero hours, you’re going to have to prospect for at least 2-3 hours a day. What I found is most of us became a service-based business and not a skills-based business. What I found is most of us started off being sales agents and cold calling and door knocking then got comfortable. We serviced our clients, but we didn’t have to do it anymore. 

The key is you have to come to the realization that this is the business that we’re in right now. We’re back to reinventing ourselves. So you have to get better with lead generation.

“We have two options. We can avoid it and make up things that are not going to lead to income. Or two, we can face it”

You have people right now saying, the interest rates are too high or I’m nervous about the marketplace. There’s all different variables you’re getting right now. You have to practice and understand how to handle those. 

If you are not having high level conversations like this, then you might be at the wrong spot. This is normal talk. Get with other people who are willing to do the things that most people won’t do. 

I’m not asking you to switch brokerages, what I’m asking you today is invest in yourself, invest 45 minutes to an hour to reinvent yourself so I can share things with you.